28.08.20 to 28.09.20

Wisdom says no emotion or situation lasts for ever more. All fears, happiness, pleasures and pain must disappear eventually as does the person who experiences these. We are ephemeral and so our emotions.

In times uncertain it pays to remember this gospel truth. And while the thought is noble it is hard to retain when the reality of death and pain loom at the horizon.  Thus, small and big pleasures are an escape hatch. Just like the a man’s mind cannot be imprisoned by four walls if the spirit is strong. A man’s mood cannot be brought down if beauty and joy is present in his environment.

This collection brings us these in these times of uncertainty and anguish. The artists capture vivid color in all their powerful and varied hues to lift our spirits and hopes.

This show is an ode to joy. And the possibility of survival and perseverance.

Arjun Sawhney