21.12.18 to 19.01.19

Anil Thambai | Apurba Nandi | Joydip Acharjee | Somu Desai

At the Palette Art Gallery, the yuletide season is defined by a series of works belonging to four gifted artists who create their own journeys in the prism of time. Each artist presents their own sensibility in the oscillations that appear between  line and colour as well as in between drawing and painting. This winsome quartet of artists talk to us about contemporary practices and fresh and renewed sensibilities. Apurba Nandi, Joydeep Acharjee, Somu Desai and Anil Thambai present works that rejuvenate the tired eye and refresh the senses. 

Joydeep Acharjee creates architectural structures that signify different aspects of  urbanisation created thoughtlessly. He creates intricate  patterns of  design to create a stunning visual statement.


Somu Desai uses internationally renown Japanese techniques to  translate forms which are converted from 3 dimensional to 2-dimensional ‘cutouts’ and reflects his  expertise in the handling of material. He enhances the impact of material prowess and deliberates on  metallic textures to create a suite that signify the decadence and erosion of the self even as it speaks of the soul within.


Apurba creates enchanting impressionist work that laces one figure after the other, and the summation becomes an inspiring allegory of a  morphing of   a formation of thousands of people. For her  these formations become an enquiry into the order of society and at the same time it enquires about our own sense of existing within the social fabric.

Anil Thambai goes inward and investigates the idea of what constitutes the idea of architecture in history. He weaves his work around the fundamental human desire to build.  His architectural ensembles are not just about architecture but  more about the process of how something is built. 

All four artists explore  representations in myriad forms. They use colour, line, shape and form to explore the representation of reality — just not the reality that a human eye could see. As artists they explore painting’s visual structure as its own spiritual/altered  reality.